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piątek, 18 lutego 2011


Somewhere in the mountains the day was coming to the end, and Eddie decided to finish his mountain hiking before night came . He didn't take a torch with him this time, so he was rushing even more , trying to get home before  he was unable to see what was in front of him. He followed the mountain road, chasing with the setting sun. He started to realize that no matter how much effort he was going to put in, the sun was going to be faster than him. And so it happened,  the sun set and darkness covered everything around with a black blanket. This spooked Eddie out, so he started running, and as you can imagine,  not seeing where he was putting his steps- he soon tripped over a rock and realized he was rolling  down off the road, straight towards a cliff. He grasped a branch that was sticking out and it saved him from falling down the cliff into the darkness...
Great, what a situation. I'm just hanging above some bloody precipice! Oh God, thank You that You gave me a chance and i was able to grab that branch...
He looked around and down... He didn't see what was underneath him, just thick fog... his legs were dangling in the air.
Help! Help!!
No response.
Well... I think it is going to be a looong night for me...

    Like every evening, Mr Kirk was following his bizarre ritual of checking every padlock  on every window shutter as he locked them, before then locking the windows with his special key and locking his re-inforced front door with three different keys in three different locks. After locking the last window and the last door, he put  the keys in  his little safe in the kitchen. Only by doing this was he able to enjoy his evening cup of tea, knowing that there was no chance whatsoever of any burglar coming into the house and upsetting his wellbeing in any way.
He turned the gas on under the kettle to  make himself a cup of his PG with milk. He sat down by the telly and started watching BBC news.
One of the news items was really weird... something about an incident on a small plane. In the middle of the flight, the floor of the plane just fell out - how bizarre.. so the five passengers were left holding on to a bar in the plane.. Five passengers hanging , weird, ain't it? Suddenly the airplane started to dive very quickly and the passengers heard  the pilot's voice through the speakers-Ok, there is a problem, while losing the floor we also lost one of the engines. The other one hasn't got enough power to keep us in the air, that means that somebody has to sacrifice themselves to save the others, and i do apologise but i cannot do it cause when i jump, nobody will fly the plane and all of you will die.
The passengers looked  at each other... I have a wife and kids... I have kids as well....  I have the company to run...
OK, i will do it- shouted one of them.
The other passengers hearing that-started clapping..

Whoa!! Mr Kirk woke up with a start! That wasn't the news, that was a dream, he hadn't realized that he'd fallen asleep in front of the telly.
But there was something terribly wrong...
There was a fire in the kitchen!
A tea towel had fallen straight on to the burning gas, and now the fire had spread across the whole kitchen!!
Help!! There is a fire in my house!!!
Help me!!
The safe with all the keys inside, was already in flames. His anti-theft glass in the windows, his shields and reinforced door would stay  shut even against a hammer or an axe...
Mr Kirk died in the flames in his perfectly safe little house.
Oh what a night...
But even the worst night must end sometimes.
Eddie had lost almost all his energy , his hands could barely hold on to the branch...
But then came the dawn, and the sun again said hello to the world.
When it became bright, Eddie couldnt believe his eyes. The ground, solid flat ground was under his feet, just 10 centimeters below his feet!!
Frustrated and angry, he let go of the branch, looked at it...
Bloody stupid branch... if I hadn't caught it, i would have just landed on the ground and continued on my journey home..

tekst wypocilam ja, gramatycznie i stylistycznie skorygowal mnie Will.
Zadanie domowe NLP. Kazdy z praktykantów mial napisac cos o swoim "celu" do zdobycia podczas kursu. Potem wrzucalismy te karteczki do pudelka i losowalismy , tak by miec karteczke kogos innego.
Zadaniem bylo stworzenie metaforycznej kilkuwatkowej historyjki z ukrytym "przeslaniem" pasujacym do tresci jaka odczytalismy na wylosowanej karteczce...
Mnie trafila sie karteczka z tylko jednym slowem....

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